Choose To Be Lucky

What if you could choose to be lucky? Most people think that others have more luck than themselves.
How can we create more luck in our lives and also teach that to our children?
This is an essential skill to be able to improve your quality of life.

How to create more luck in our lives

I really believe that we can choose to have an attitude of good luck in life, and the more we remind ourselves of how lucky we are… The more life gives us reasons to feel that way!
Every time we have an experience where we feel that luck is on our side, we should celebrate it, really feel the gratitude and joy that we are experiencing. In a way that is out of proportions even!
This will train our subconscious to look for more of these opportunities to have these feelings and the more luck we will experience in our lives.

The importance to teach our children the attitude of being lucky

Children don’t learn what we tell them to learn, children learn what they see we do.
If we keep a positive attitude in life and we remind them that we are lucky and that we should be thankful for that, then they too will take that attitude and feel lucky.
It is also very fun to celebrate with them every blessing that lives gives us doesn’t matter how big or small it is.

Be prepared to be lucky

Feeling lucky is not enough to achieve our goals and to improve our quality of life. It is a big part of it but it is not enough.
We have to improve and learn new skills, we have to be able to give more value, We need to take action and be prepared to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that life gives us to be lucky.

Being lucky is an attitude

That is why I chose to have the attitude of being lucky and teach my children to do the same. Because if it is a choice why should I choose to say that I’m unlucky or that life is not fear with me?

Be your true self, be your own hero

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