With This Business I Have The Chance To Inspire And Help People To Take Action Towards The Life They Deserve..!

Patrick van Diemen

I am the founder of patrickvandiemen.com.  I left my “comfortable” position as factory manager to become an online entrepreneur because I wanted to be there for my family when they needed me, and still generate enough income to finance the lifestyle that we are used to.

When I’m not spending time with my loved ones or working on my business you can find me doing fun sports with my friends or reading books on personal development and other inspirational topics. This helps me grow as a person and as an online entrepreneur.


I grew up in Bolivia and moved to Holland to study. After graduating from college, I worked as an engineer for some years. I enjoyed my work and was proud of what I did. When I was asked to become the manager of the factory where I was working, I soon realized it was an opportunity I just couldn't miss. It was tough at first, but after a while, I got used to working long hours and missing time with my family and also to the excellent material compensations.

When my wife was pregnant with our third son, her father became ill, and she had to take over his company. At that time, I was also working a great deal. To balance the needs of our family with our jobs, we designed an almost military daily routine. After all, we wanted to maintain our “comfortable” and “safe” financial situation. This routine seemed to work, but it was actually destroying us slowly as a couple, as parents, and also in terms of our health.

One day, my body and mind decided I'd had enough! I experienced an unexpected “forced shutdown” of my system. The doctor said it was a “burn-out.” It was a horrible experience, but it made me realize that I was demanding too much of myself and my family, I was not happy. I could not be the father or husband that my family and wife deserved. I came home every day stressed and exhausted. I was giving the best of myself to my job instead of my loved ones!

I knew I had to make a profound change, so I quit my job. My goal was to start a less-demanding, more flexible business. I decided that starting an online business was my best option. After coming across an advertisement from my referral partner, I was inspired to join the SFM. With the help of the SFM team, I'm now building my dream business. I'm not only creating a great passive income stream, but I'm also learning how to be a successful entrepreneur from excellent coaches.


www.patrickvandiemen.com is an Online Consulting Company. I help individuals and small business owners leverage the advantages of the digital economy to improve their income and their quality of life.  I also receive commissions by recommending and reselling products and services, from other companies, that I use and trust.


Freedom is a very important personal value for me. Being able to arrange my business around my family's needs and my lifestyle gives me a sense of great freedom.

My mission is to help people realize that a life with much fewer constraints and much more joy is also possible for them. Helping people build the life they deserve for themselves and for their families gives me great satisfaction and fulfillment.


See more and more people realizing and accepting that happiness is something they can create in their lives. See them taking action and purposefully improving their quality of life. 


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